About NTS

Nurture Thyself is an organization whose focus is on NURTURING, EMPOWERING and EXHORTING Christian women of all ages, ethnicities, working statuses and social classes.

How the organization started

The organization was founded on December 28 of the year 2003 by five Christian women; Toinette Rose-Neube, whose book “Nurture Thyself”, (A step-by-step guide to help stay-at-home and work-from-home moms regain their personal identity. $12.99 U.S.) inspired the birth of the organization. La’Trice Broughton, whose expertise in “Fortune Hi-tech marketing” and in cosmetology added to the vision, as well as Yolanda Rose, of Mary-Kay cosmetics, Reverend Cheryl Mills, of El Shaddai Missionary Baptist Church and Wanda Gorham of Home Interiors. The women were called together by the divine appointment of the Lord to come together at the home of Board of Directors member Carolyn Rose. The meeting was intended to be an informal gathering to discuss the possibility of putting together a seminar to remind women that they need to take care of themselves while they take care of their families. From this meeting and without any pre-thought on forming an organization, Nurture Thyself Incorporated was found.

Volunteers and Sponsorship

If you are interested in empowering Christian woman around the world by sponsoring a seminar, becoming a speaker, or volunteering in some other capacity please e-mail us at Nurturethyself@juno.com

Contact us:

Nurture Thyself, Inc.
4519 Holmes Ave
North Charleston, SC 29405

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in SC (843) 793-1456
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